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midlands LGBT+ project

Welcome to the Midlands project! We are a nonprofit organization based in Laois, and our aim is to provide support and community to all LGBT+ People across the Midlands, and offer a range of educational services also!

This organization is funded by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth and is managed and Governed  by Youth Work Ireland Laois. Established in February 2021, Midlands LGBT+ Project is the successor of the Laois LGBT project. 

We are super excited to bring quality support services and social events to everyone across the Midlands, especially those who felt isolated after such a difficult time during the pandemic. We offer a range of different Adult Support groups, offer different teacher training, and conduct multiple different LGBT Workshops in schools all over Ireland!


Being a part of the Midlands LGBT+ Project’s social group has been amazing. It has brought me together with like minded people who create a calming and relaxing space and helped to normalize being LGBT+ in the Midlands and rural Ireland


My wife and I moved to the Midlands mid pandemic. We didn’t know anyone there so this group was a chance to meet people in the LGBT+ community. While still primarily a virtual group, we have been able to through the group meet up with other members for walks and chats and it is a social outlet that I am so grateful for. People in the group are of varying ages and backgrounds so there is a conversation for everyone and everyone is made to feel so welcome. I really hope the group continues to be a success as there was little to no visibility regarding anything LGBT+ related in the Midlands and it is important people know there is a community out there and friends to be made


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